Create, Trade and Exhibit
NFT Artwork in the Social Metaverse
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    Works of Art
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    Works of Art
  • Artists, Art Consultants,
    Exhibition Managers
Consumers should be able to produce or request relevant art pieces and purchase them without the involvement of brokers in the process.

Any artist should be able to display their work in a virtual space regardless of time or place. They should also be able to sell the ownership of their artwork, which will be protected as an NFT.

Art consultants should be able to connect artists with consumers who have a professional interest in their work, and receive rewards in exchange for creating those relationships.
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Meta Exhibition
Exhibitions in the Social Metaverse
A groundbreaking solution for the post-COVID era. With our Meta Exhibition Service, anyone can be an exhibition planner and inspire.

*Launched in September 2020.
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NFT Market
Connecting Artists & Buyers
A primary space to trade art NFTs on a P2P basis. Art creators can easily and permissionlessly trade NFTs at the Artic Marketplace with multi-chain support.
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AI Center
Pioneer of Technological Innovation in Art
Gallery360 provides an IT-based service that helps everyone find and enjoy art in their daily lives.

*Based on Gallery360's unique technology.
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Digital Multimedia Publishing Solution
D-BOOK is a smart digital publication solution for branding experts, content creators seeking an easy way to design web pages, and businesses in need of an effective advertising strategy.
Functions Optimized for
Online Meta Exhibition
VR Space Templates
Choose one of 30 VR spaces for
your exhibition
*More VR templates are going to
be updated consistently.
Multimedia Support
Exhibit various types of content:
-video, audio docent, 3D files, etc.
Background Music
Turn on classical background
music, helping viewers
concentrate on the exhibition.
Separate Web Pages
Get URLs for each exhibition and
promote them easily with the URLs.
Viewer Analytics
Support statistics about viewers
through Google Analytics.
Upload your contacts and
send invitations by email.
Group Exhibitions
Register exhibitions separately or
bind them together as a ‘Group’ for
a large scale exhibition.
Guest Notes
Viewers can leave
messages about your
exhibition and its content.
Uploaded PDF files will be
converted into D-BOOKs
Unique Themes
Pick a theme for your exhibition’s
web page and hold unique online
VR exhibitions.
$ ARTIC Token
  • 2021 Q2

    Whitepaper Ver 1.0 Release

    Private Round Token Sale

    Overseas Patent Registration
    (PCT & Madrid)

  • ‘Metaverse (VR) Exhibition - Rental Service’ Renewal and Overseas Service Planning

    MWC participation in the world's top three IT & mobile fairs

    2021 Q3
  • 2021 Q4

    Development of renewal site for ‘Metaverse (VR) Exhibition - Rental Service’

    Global company Pfizer Pharmaceutical invests in online exhibition development

    2021 SLT(Global Tech IR Competition) - Domestic 2nd

  • 2021 VR Exhibition #1000 / 1 million visitors from 94 countries

    ‘Metaverse (VR) Exhibition - Rental Service’ Domestic Open Beta Test Renewal

    ‘Metaverse (VR) Exhibition - Rental Service’ US-based service development

    Artworks and NFT Marketplace Planning

    6th National University of Arts Graduation Contest / VR Exhibition Support / Scholarship Support

    2022 Q1
  • 2022 Q2

    ‘Metaverse (VR) Exhibition - Rental Service’ Renewal Site Official Launch in South Korea

    ‘Metaverse (VR) Exhibition - Rental Service’ Renewal Open Beta Test in the U.S.

    Develop Artwork & NFT Marketplace

  • ‘Metaverse (VR) Exhibition - Rental Service’ renewal site opened in the U.S

    The MTN Broadcasting Advertising Festival's award-winning works exhibition and live broadcast online

    2022 Q3
  • 2022 Q4

    U.S. VR Exhibition Service Stabilization

    2022 South Korea's Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award

    Development of ‘Metaverse (VR) Exhibition - Rental Service’ Japan-based service

  • 7th National University of Arts Graduation Contest / VR Exhibition Support / Scholarship Support

    ‘Metaverse (VR) Exhibition - Rental Service’ Japan Open Beta Test Renewal

    Beta testing of artwork and NFT marketplace development

    2023 Q1
  • 2023 Q2

    ‘Metaverse (VR) Exhibition - Rental Service’ renewal site opened in Japan

    Discover more artists who create high-quality artwork

    Additional development of VR exhibition function on the NFT platform

  • Artworks and NFT Marketplace Official Launch

    Artist's original work begins selling on NFT

    Planning DAO site

    2023 Q3
  • 2023 Q4

    DAO Site Development

  • DAO Site beta test

    8th National Art University Graduation Contest / VR Exhibition Support / Scholarship Support

    2024 Q1
  • 2024 Q2

    Launch of the DAO
    Governance System